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We are a telecom specialist provides very particular yet wide range telecommunication equipments and services to various telecommunication providers and operators.
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Presently, we have grown to a leader in telecom corporate service and equipment provider, serving various industries and their telecommunication aspects. We have assembled wide array of products and services to cater to the increasingly complex needs of the now-mature corporate customers. PT Makro’s have gained trust of numerous principals, major vendors, entities to represent them: carry projects, marketing and distribution of various range of products.

Our cellular division provides solutions and novel technologies to support the ever-changing landscape of voice communication and data transfer provided by Indonesia’s premier wireless, ISP, and landline providers namely Telkomsel, Indosat, ProXL, etc. PT Makro and its subsidiaries are well-known in the industry for being the vendor that is constantly bringing in new and innovative products to introduce to the cellular operators. Providing for their radio core to their noncore network requirement which encompasses products and activities such as core and radio network optimization, radio access products, single point and multi-point transmission products, In-building DAS products, outdoor peripheral products, tower-site sharing, indoor-site sharing, Wifi basestation and many others.

Our CATV division is the main supplier for the only CATV and cable broadband provider in Indonesia, FIRST media. PT Makro has given solutions and supplied products for their core and peripheral cable network from the headend to the home. Those needs are fiber connectors, optical fiber, coax cable, clamp, fiber peripherals, gateways, routers, splitter, pedestal box and customer premises equipment like cable modem. As well as for maintenance purposes, we provide test equipments, toolkits, fusion splicers, protocol analyzers and many others

Our power division provides equipments and solutions for the power distribution main players: +Icon, PLN, Indonesia Power. Supplying them the latest test equipment, joint, box, suspension, tension, shelter. The power utility and distribution company has also benefited from our services, as we provided many items such as rectifiers, batteries, installation services and support for their telecommunication and SCADA system.  We also customized a wide selection of power generators that meets customer needs (for sell and rent).

Core Operating Units :

In PT Makro’s 25 years tenure, our consistency to telecommunication as the main business has caused us to gain rich experiences and enable us to be known well by any telecommunication providers and operators in Indonesia.
We have taken the natural progression into supplying for cellular industry. We serve major GSM & 3G operators and emerging CDMA operators. Many of our major projects was solving network reach and access problems which was caused by limited BTS deployment and signal obstruction due to new high-rise constructions. Various network equipments are also supplied to the leading providers for the on-going deployment of network in saturated Jakarta landscape and untouched rural areas.
We also do contracting jobs for cellular operators for their outdoor BTS coverage and in building coverage. Our engineers are equipped with the latest and most comprehensive test measurement equipments which make our engineering and installation teams the most sought-after in the industry.
Kerawang Manufacturing Facility
The facility was establishing in 1993 to satisfy the growing demand of telecom connectors and equipments. The factory is located in Purwasari Village, Kerawang. The factory performs many fabrication and assembling activities which is particular to the telecommunication industry. Equipments such as RF connectors, RF cable, Fiber connectors , and sometimes active equipments are assembled in our facility. Due to present regulations and requirement for local content in products used by telecom corporations, our factory have been set up specifically to anticipate more stringent adoption of such rule in the future.
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